Did you talk about mixnets somewhere? Send your slides and video links so we can add them! Also, you can use any of the material in our slides for your own presentations!


  • David Stainton: Modern Mix Network Design (2017/12) (PDF) <_static/slides/2017-12-modern-mixnets.pdf>_
  • Moritz Bartl: Anonymität im Internet (German) (2017/12) (PDF) <_static/slides/2017-12-moritz-anonymity.pdf>_ (ODP) <_static/slides/2017-12-moritz-anonymity.odp>_
  • Claudia Diaz, Moritz Bartl: Katzenpost Mix Network (2018/09) (PDF) <_static/slides/2018-09-katzenpost-presentation-athens.pdf>_ (ODP) <_static/slides/2018-09-katzenpost-presentation-athens.odp>_


  • David Stainton: BornHack 2018 - Modern Mix Network Design <>_
  • Jeff Burdges and David Stainton 34C3 - Practical Mix Network Design <>_
  • David Stainton: Anonymizing Cryptocurrencies from Network Observers with Mix Networks <>_
  • David Stainton Shows How Mix Networks Improve Privacy <>_