Torification of Katzenpost


Tor and mixnets provide orthogonal anonymity properties and therefore it can be advantageous for clients to connect to their mixnet Provider and Directory Authority service(s) over Tor onion services. This document describes how to configure these services and a mailproxy client to use Tor onion services.


This document assumes you have already installed Tor. You can either install Tor as part of the Tor Browser Bundle or you can install it standalone. Obviously only clients may be interested in using Tor Browser Bundle.

  1. Install Tor Browser Bundle:
  2. Install a standlone Tor in Debian/Ubuntu:


Here is a complete mailproxy configuration that uses only Tor onion services for it's communication with the mix network:

    POP3Address = ""
    SMTPAddress = "" DataDir = "/home/user/.mailproxy"

    Disable = false Level = "NOTICE"

        Address = "lxqkz5d5e3pehagu.onion:61832"
        PublicKey = "o4w1Nyj/nKNwho5SWfAIfh7SMU8FRx52nMHGgYsMHqQ="

    User = "alice"
    Provider = "playground"
    ProviderKeyPin = "imigzI26tTRXyYLXujLEPI9QrNYOEgC4DElsFdP9acQ="
    Authority = "PlaygroundAuthority"

    Enable = false

    PreferedTransports = ["onion"]
    Type = "tor+socks5"
    Network = "tcp" Address = ""