Katzenpost Improvement Proposals

The procedure for proposing improvements and protocol changes to the Katzenpost project.

If you have an idea to change or otherwise enhance the Katzenpost project at the protocol level, we require the proposal to be accompanied by a comprehensive and concise text outlining the specification that clearly explains engineering and/or cryptographic choices.

Examples Specs:

0. Discuss proposal with a developer

Perhaps it’s useful to discuss your idea before writing anything more elaborate. Perhaps it’s already being worked on under a different name? Perhaps it had been considered previously, but has undesirable attack vectors. It’s better to solicit minor feedback first.

1. Write rough draft of proposal

Once there is N > 0 other developers who validate your idea, scribble it down somewhere shareable. This can be in an Etherpad, Google Docs, a Nextcloud, or if possible, ideally a git commit (skip to Step 3).

2. Solicit feedback from other developers

If you prefer to get feedback before your proposal is committed to eternity in the git repo, share the URL with developers through preferred channel(s) and discuss accordingly.

3. Commit KIP to monorepo

Once you are ready for your proposal to be committed to eternity in git, please append the following “frontmatter” YAML snippet so that your

title: "Longer Form Explicite Name"
linkTitle: "Name"
description: ""
categories: [""]
tags: [""]
author: ["your-name"] 
version: 0
draft: true

The correct location to commit your KIP to is here:


Name your file one or two words accordingly to it’s title name.md


Additional concerns, steps to be added….